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17 Ways to Increase Your Closings in 2017

With 2017 just a few days away, it’s time to hop to it and get to work to see a successful year. People often don’t realize how much real work is required behind the scenes in order to see more than just a few real estate closings throughout the year. In addition to honing your […]

How to Increase Your Sales Production in 2017

As a Southern Californian, I’m blessed with pretty good weather all year around. It’s generally sunny, never too cold, and most days are great days for showing property. However, I often wonder whether agents in areas with less temperate climates experience slower periods in their real estate careers when the weather is less pleasurable. Thanks […]

Real Estate Downtime? – Here’s what to do

The San Diego Daily Transcript asked the CEO of Transaction 911 to share her thoughts on the following questions regarding conducting business during the holidays: What do you think about conducting real estate during the holiday season? Is it busy for you? Are you able to put together sales? Check out Melissa’s comments and please […]