Whether you’re concerned about Global Warming or simply think it’s wise to cut down on waste and conserve earth’s resources, you can feel good about using Transaction 911’s virtual filing system.

As you know, a California real estate transaction can involve approximately 50 different forms – about 150 pages. Multiply those 150 pages by the number of people who need access to them and one transaction uses nearly 1,000 pieces of paper, plus one or more cartridges of ink.

One busy agent can use enough paper and ink each year to make a significant impact on the environment. Of course, you can print any pages you want, but you’ll no longer be saddled with bulging file folders – and you won’t be digging through 150 pages to find the one you want.

And it’s not just paper and ink.

Going paperless saves time and money – and reduces your carbon footprint.

Paperless real estate transactions save you time and money and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the number of miles you drive.

You in your office and your client in his or her home can access transaction forms together in real time, so you can go over them together without ever leaving your office. And with our electronic signature platform, there’s no delay. Your client can sign and those forms can be delivered to all the proper people within minutes.

The hidden benefit: saving office space.

With 150 pages per transaction, it doesn’t take many closings to fill a file drawer or storage box. So up until now, agents and agencies needed plenty of storage room. Three years’ worth of files can take up a lot of space!

When you go paperless with Transaction 911, your entire transaction file can be stored on a zip file on your computer or a back-up hard drive. And if you should misplace it, all you have to do is contact us.

We keep all transaction files in accordance with California State Law, and we have them backed up in several secure offsite locations to assure their safety.

Save time, save money, and be kind to Mother Earth. Go paperless with Transaction 911.

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