Photo of business partners hands applauding at meeting and standing in a row.

Photo of business partners hands applauding at meeting and standing in a row. “Transaction 911 has exceeded my expectations. I closed over 40 transactions last year using their transaction coordinators and I can honestly say that they made my job easy. I would highly recommend their services to any agents looking for a transaction coordinating team that is detail-oriented, professional, and efficient.” – Javier Zavala, Realtor®

“After 10 years in the business both in lending and residential transactions, we have to say that Transaction 911 holds to a different standard. The attention to detail, experience, and availability makes them one of the best in the industry. With Transaction 911, it’s pretty much fire and forget. Once they receive the file, you don’t need to worry about the paperwork and can focus on what you do best: service clients. We highly recommend Transaction 911.” – Julio and Lindsay Lopez, Realtors®

“The team of transaction coordinators at Transaction 911 is very friendly and hard working. They are also well organized and quick to respond. If you are looking for a transaction coordinator to keep you on track for an on time closing, Transaction 911 is for you.” – Hugo Vega, Realtor®

“Transaction 911 has exceptional Transaction Coordinators. They are bright, trustworthy, and always professional. When we send a file, we know that we can count on them to close without hassle and on time. We are confident in their abilities and proud to work exclusively with the folks at Transaction 911.” – Terry King, Real Estate Assistant

“I am writing this because I am very pleased with the service that I got from Transaction 911. Right from the beginning, I was very impressed with how the transaction coordinator got the buyer’s lender, escrow, title, general home inspectors and everyone else on the same page. We met all our time frames and we had as smooth a transaction as this market allows. I will definitely use your services again because smooth transactions are something that I could get used to.” – Jovani Ruiz, Realtor®

“Transaction 911 has recently become my transaction coordinator of choice and I was pleasantly surprised that they are right on top of the documents needed at every aspect of my transactions. It is nice to have a transaction coordinator that I don’t have to remind what to do at different stages of my transactions. They are extremely organized and more than happy to please agents and clients without any complaints. I would recommend Transaction 911 without exception to any agent.” – Sharon Morgan, Realtor®


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