New Realtor® Forms

escondido transaction coordinator If you’ve been around the block a few times in California or even if you haven’t, you may have already noticed that California Association of Realtors® updates their forms and contracts twice a year: in April and November.

There is one new form coming out this April, and that’s the Representative Capacity Signature Addendum (RCSA)—a form which asserts the role and capacity of representatives and signatories.

There are revisions to five California Realtor® forms:

Of course, the one on this list that many of us use the most is the Transfer Disclosure Statement. There is a new Item 16 on page two, which questions the seller as to whether he is involved in any pending litigation.

Always remember that if you use the templates for Realtor® forms within ZIPforms to create your contracts, the new form will not be updated automatically within your templates. You will need to manually delete the old form from your template and add the new one.

At Transaction 911, we will create and edit your templates for you when we process your fully compliant transaction file. If you want to learn more about how Transaction 911 can help you save time and close more deals, please feel free to contact our office.