transaction ccordinator Escondido Transaction Coordinator on Disclosure

Transaction Coordinators in real estate have a really unique position within the transaction. They have the opportunity to look at the entire file from a more objective perspective. They look at compliance; they check signatures, dates, and initials.

Did you know that the average residential real estate transaction in California involves between 38 and 55 different forms? It’s tough to keep that all under control and still prospect, generate leads, meet clients, and close deals. “That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a transaction coordinator,” says an Escondido Transaction Coordinator from Transaction 911.

At Transaction 911, we provide transaction-coordinating services to real estate brokers and agents from San Ysidro to Eureka and everywhere in between. With technology at our fingertips, we don’t even have to be in the same city in order to prepare fully compliant paperwork for the California Bureau of Real Estate compliance file. And, we can deliver electronic, paper, or disk copies of the file to all parties.

Because of our volume, we can also identify trends. And, one trend that we see is that agents do not always complete the Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure in significant detail. This important document points out that the agent has made his or her visual inspection of the property. No home is perfect, including a brand new one. And, it is important for agent’s to note any visual anomalies on this document, using the three-step disclosure method when applicable.

Remember, agents, that you may not be licensed to identify a roof leak or an infestation, but you can write what you observe visually (such as a stain on the ceiling) or a swarm of insects in a doorway. It is then the client’s responsibility to hire the appropriate parties for further investigation.

If you are looking for more agent tips and tools or if you are looking for an Escondido transaction coordinator or a transaction coordinator anywhere in California, please do not hesitate to contact the transaction coordinating team at Transaction 911.