Rancho Bernardo Transaction Coordinator

setting goalsPeople always ask the Rancho Bernardo transaction coordinator which forms should be used for their specific transaction. That’s a tough call, and we cannot always answer that question for you.

If you are an agent at a large brokerage or if you are affiliated with a franchise, it’s possible that your office has a mandatory checklist of forms that are required in order to have a fully compliant real estate transaction file. On the other hand, if you are working as a broker on your own or are part of certain brokerages, the requirements may be more lenient.

“The California Association of Realtors® makes it easy for agents to be compliant and figure out which forms to use,” says a Rancho Bernardo Transaction Coordinator. That’s because the California Association of Realtors® legal department has two documents on the website that are very helpful for agents in determining which forms are required and which are recommended. The Sales Disclosure Chart and the Summary Disclosure Chart are updated annually and available for download by all members of the California Association of Realtors®.

At Transaction 911, if we find that your office does not have a checklist of required documents, then we refer to those two charts in order to prepare a fully compliant file. However, if your brokerage has a more specific and detailed list or requires additional items, such as a Mold Disclosure or an Affiliated Business Disclosure Agreement, then we are more than happy to prepare those for your transaction file.

At Transaction 911, we process paperwork and you sell real estate. Our team is fully vested in your success, and this includes assuring that your file meets whatever requirements your office may have. If you are looking for a transaction coordinator in Rancho Bernardo or beyond, please feel free to contact our office.