request for repairs As a San Marcos Transaction Coordinator and Transaction Coordinators throughout California, we have the experience of seeing all of the California Association of Realtors® forms completed by agents for countless transaction files.

One form that is often seen by the San Marcos Transaction Coordinator is a Request for Repairs. The Request for Repairs is a tough form to complete—not because the wording is difficult, but more because of the level of detail required.  If the buyer and the buyer’s agent are not detailed enough in the repair request list, then the seller and the listing agent may not clearly understand the nature of the request. Imagine what might happen if your request is not addressed clearly.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say, for example, that there is condensation between the panes of several windows in the subject property.

A buyer could say on the Request for Repairs, “Have licensed contractor address window condensation on window panes noted on page x of the attached home inspection.”

However, it might be better to say, “Have licensed contractor address window condensation on window panes noted on page x of the attached home inspection. These are the two windows on the south east wall of the master bedroom, the window on the west side of the living room, and the window on the south side of the hall.”

If you were able to be as specific as the latter example, then the likelihood of your issue being addressed to your satisfaction would be a bit higher.

Here are two other tips from a San Marcos Transaction Coordinator about the Request for Repairs: 1) Always include your home inspection for reference, and 2) if you do not require any repairs, it would be best to put in writing that no repairs are requested. In that way, if the file is audited down the road, you have a paper trail, which demonstrates that all the I’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed.

A good transaction coordinator can help you with all of these details. If you are looking for one, please do not hesitate to contact the crew at Transaction 911.