melissa zavalaThe Real Estate Success Principles

As a real estate professional, our CEO has been seeking the secret to success in short sales and beyond for many years. And if you are active in real estate, then I am sure that you have, too. Being a successful real estate professional is challenging, and there was probably no more challenging time in the last fifty years to be a wildly successful agent than during the Recession.

Interestingly, that wild and crazy ride has taught us some very interesting things about what it means to be successful in real estate. During that time, the percentage of working real estate professionals declined by half. Agents were fleeing the profession and taking jobs in a variety of other fields.

If you managed to make it through, you probably have your share of war stories: hour-long hold times, calls rerouted to India, and homes stripped of everything including the kitchen sink.

Now that most people have been there and done that, Transaction 911 CEO Melissa Zavala has put the valuable lessons learned from her experience into a book—a book entitled Been There, Done That: Ten Agent Success Principles from a Short Sale Insider.

Leveraging the many hard-earned lessons from her experience of closing thousands of short sales, she reveals the ten success principles that put her—and could put you—on top.

The values section is peppered with solid business principles to inspire and engage you in a fresh, modern approach to your career. Practical how-to tips to generate more leads and close more deals are woven into entertaining, real-life anecdotes throughout.

You’ll meet Aunt Mabel, learn about the Fosbury flop, and take a roller coaster ride through the wacky world of short sales. Almost too crazy to be true stories about near miss foreclosures, Lady Gaga, and what a chocolate bacon cupcake has to do with your real estate career abound.

Who is this book written for?

  • Real estate agents interested in learning more about the short sale niche
  • Real estate professionals who want to maximize their leads, deal closings, and careers
  • Business people who want to skyrocket into their future using solid success principles that work

This book is NOT a short sale how-to primer, although there are short sale examples and stories within it. The short sale information is used as a springboard, a real life master case study, to emphasize the larger point—to be successful in your career you have to lead with your values, have a great plan, and follow through.

Real estate mogul, business coach, and star of ABC’s Shark Tank claimed that with Melissa’s previous book, agents could watch their “productivity skyrocket.” It is our hope that this second book will help agents dig deeper into how their actions and their values can impact and increase their productivity ten fold.

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