Businessman want prospectsI had a blast last week at the California Association of Realtors® Expo and annual conference. By the way, if you are a California Realtor® and you are not taking advantage of the opportunity to attend this free conference, then you are really missing out.

I was honored with the opportunity to address a pretty large audience on the topic of Finding Listings in Any Market. Given the fact that we are in a “flat” market and we haven’t been in a market such as this one for approximately 20 years (according to Steven Murray of Real Trends), it seems that we’ve really got to up our game if we want to continue to see consistent closings.

As far as obtaining new listings in the current market, we’ve got to do the same old stuff—but throw in a little twist. Namely, agents need to go back to the basics. However, given the direction of our industry and the increased technology, it’s that same old stuff with a twist.

One example that I provided in the presentation was with respect to working For Sale by Owners. If that’s your thing or you want it to be your thing, then you may want to check out the Make Me Move section of Zillow. In that section, sellers from across the nation are marketing their own properties in hopes of getting offers that will motivate them to move. So, if you are looking for For Sale by Owners to work, then you should head on over to Zillow and see who is posting homes in your neighborhood. There you will find a whole slew of folks that want to move. Do they want a Realtor®? Well, that would depend on you and how well you can compel them to work with you.

Looking for more listings? Check out the presentation, “Finding Listings in Any Market.”

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