sales prospect calculatorWith the beginning of Q4 about here, lots of agents are ready to amp it up. How many transactions have you closed this year? How much money have you earned? How much would you like to earn? How many prospects do you need to call or speak with in order to meet your income goals?

There is a lot that goes into the process of successful goal setting. Step 1 of successful goal setting is to set your income goals, and we previously provided you with the Goal Setting Chart to make those calculations. Once you set your income goals and calculate the number of closings that you require each month in order to meet your income goals, then you are ready to consider the actions required to meet your goals.

Step 2 is to calculate the number of prospects required in order to meet your income goals. After you have made those calculations, we will then discuss the activities required in order to make those numbers a reality for you.

You may not believe this, but lots of agents start slowing down in Q4. However, Q4 is the most important time of the year. If you want to see closings in January and February of 2016, you’ve got to be working hard right now.

Download the chart below, a page from CEO Melissa Zavala’s book The Essential Daily Planner for Real Estate Agents: Success in 10 Minutes a Day, and use it to calculate the number of prospects you need to contact daily in order to meet your income goals. As Melissa states, “Something magical happens when you put your goals to paper. It’s like once they are written, they will happen.”

Hope you enjoy the chart below from the transaction coordinators at Transaction 911! (If you cannot see the image below to download, click here.)

Real Estate Prospect Calculator