Real Estate Leads a la Field of Dreams

transaction coordinatorThere was an interesting article on Copyblogger about the Kevin Costner style of marketing (KCS). Generally (while not addressing the real estate market and real estate agents), the article discusses the ‘Field of Dreams’ theory. You remember that movie, don’t you? In Field of Dreams, the message is “If you build it, they will come.”

But, the question arises as to whether this is actually true. If agents build a website or create a direct mail marketing piece, will the real estate leads automatically begin to appear out of the woodwork?

The answer, quite simply, is ‘no.’

In addition to just building, there is one particular item that needs to be considered in order to draw a crowd. And that, my friends, is to create something that appeals to emotion. What, for example, is going to make a home seller call you to list his (or her) home? Will it be information about a special program? Will it be information about how to prepare the home for sale?

Whatever the case, just sending out a postcard or creating a website in order to attract real estate leads is not the answer. If you are going to build something, make sure that what you build is something that interests the audience and connects with them emotionally. That’s probably why they don’t sell too much ice cream on the trek to the top of Everest.