transaction coordinatorIf you are a San Diego Realtor® or real estate agent or if you are a Realtor® anywhere in the state of California, you know very wells that closings can be tricky. Preparing the paperwork can be time consuming, and that’s where a San Diego Transaction Coordinator can help. In the day and age of computers, the San Diego Transaction Coordinator can work on any transaction throughout the state of California, and does not have to site side-by-side with the agent in order to be quick, and efficient and complete the paperwork in a timely manner. This San Diego Transaction Coordinator has three hot tips for a successful closing.

Four Hot Tips for a Successful Closing

Here are four hot tips for a successful closing from a San Diego Transaction Coordinator:

  1. Check the property profile before taking the listing. If yours is the listing side, you will want to carefully review the property profile and make sure that the individuals named on the property profile are those who are signing the listing paperwork. For example, if the property is in a trust, you may need to make sure that the folks who are signing are authorized to do so.
  2. Prepare disclosures early. If yours is the listing side, have the seller complete the disclosures prior to accepting an offer. According to the contract, the seller has only 7 days after acceptance to provide disclosures to the buyer, so it’s a great help when these forms are already completed.
  3. Calendar events and important dates. On the date of acceptance of the offer, make a calendar of important events and dates in your transaction. Add the date of contingency removal, the date disclosures are due to the buyer, the date of acceptance, and any other important dates. Be mindful of the calendar so that your client is always protected throughout the transaction.
  4. Always get that Statement of Information to escrow as soon as possible. It is dreadful when buyer or seller gets the Statement of Information to escrow at the end of the transaction. That’s because things may arise when checking the statement that could delay the closing. These things could include finding a tax lien, other lien, or judicial action that could halt or—at the very least—delay the closing.

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