Best Client Closing Gifts

Now and again, gift-giving can get a little bit complicated. When it comes to closing gifts, everyone seems to have an opinion. Some folks believe that they are not necessary (after all, you are just doing your job), and others believe that they cement a positive relationship for years to come.

If you are a real estate agent looking for closing gift ideas, here are 5 to add to your list.

  1. Cutco Knives. Initially, I was a little bit resistant to this gift idea. They are very pricey—except for the small sets. But, then I tried them out, and realized that most high-end knives actually pale in comparison to these. There seems to be a Cutco sales rep in every real estate association, so check in with yours. The three-piece sets that include a sandwich spreader can come branded with your name, logo and phone number. Buy a bunch and have them ready to go for future closings.
  2. Custom planners/calendars. We’re not talking calendars to put on the refrigerator. I know of a stock broker that orders high end leather planner books and has them imprinted with his name and information and then sends them out annually to his clients. They are so aesthetically pleasing that it would be hard to believe that this would end up in someone’s circular bin. Plus, if you do it annually, it could become your thing and past clients will always have you top of mind when it comes to planning and real estate.
  3. House plants. We are kind of partial to house plants or plants to front door. Consider buying something that has already been planted in an attractive planter and might improve curb appeal and a nice move in gift for clients buying a new home. In the alternative for condos, consider some sort of green centerpiece that could sit on a dining room table or in a foyer.
  4. Home warranty. In some states, it is customary for the seller to purchase a home warranty for the buyer. However, in other states, people do not even use a home warranty. Whether it is used each year or not, a home warranty is a good thing to have, just in case you need some repairs that would otherwise be financially prohibitive. Consider throwing that in as a closing gift for buyers, but don’t forget to explain its benefit!
  5. HOCOA or a Home Advisor Network Subscription. Home advisor networks are very handy to have if the buyer plans to get some work done on the home. They send out contractors or repair folks to provide bids and help to coordinate repairs. So, if you have clients that are new to an area but don’t seem like they have the time or energy to coordinate their own repairs, consider buying them a membership to a network such as this as a closing gift.

There are so many great closing gift ideas for home buyers and home sellers. What types of gifts have you given? Share your creative ideas in the comments below! We’d love to hear. And, if you need any help with your closing, consider contacting the California transaction coordinators at Transaction 911.