real etate leads As a real estate professional, you need to be on top of your game when it comes to both lead generation and lead conversion. It’s one thing to be able to generate a lead, but it is another thing entirely to get that individual to the closing table.

About two decades ago, as the mother of a toddler, I was watching Dateline and found one of their segments particularly interesting. It was a story about how to encourage small children to increase their vegetable intake. The interviewee stated that the best way to get kids to eat more vegetables was to regularly and routinely put them on that child’s plate. In fact, the interviewee recommended that a vegetable, such as spinach or brussel sprouts, be placed on a child’s plate eleven times in a row.

According to the interviewee, when something unpalatable is presented eleven times in a row, the chances that it will become accepted increase significantly. That is, when you make those foods a regular part of your child’s life—accepting that your child may not eat them at first—he or she will warm up to them eventually.

Real Estate Lead Conversion

While most real estate professionals are a lot more palatable than brussel sprouts, I immediately identified the connection between this theory and real estate lead conversion. If you generate a buyer or seller lead and only reach out once or twice, that person may not ever have a chance to warm up to you over time. So, just like the eleven servings of broccoli, it’s equally important to attempt to convert a lead by reaching out and connecting on a minimum of eleven occasions over a relatively short period of time.

Practicing what I now call the “Rule of Eleven” and following up a minimum of eleven times will give a prospective client sufficient time to warm up to the possibility of working with you on their next home purchase or sale.

Real estate coaches and consultants have all sorts of names and techniques for practicing this theory of constant and continuous communication. And while tips and tools may vary, the one thing about which all agree is that it’s a lot easier to convert a lead into a ready and willing homebuyer if you doggedly and persistently follow up regularly.

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