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Being a successful real estate professional is challenging, and there was probably no more challenging time in the last fifty years to be a successful agent than during the Great Recession.

Interestingly, my wild and crazy ride to closing over 1500 transactions during the Recession taught me some very interesting things about what it means to be successful in real estate. In a time when agents were fleeing the profession and taking jobs in a variety of other fields, I realized that there were ten basic success principles that were required to survive and thrive as a real estate agent during the Recession. And, those very same success principles are part of what it takes to be successful in real estate, no matter the market.

Been There, Done That

Been There, Done That: Ten Agent Success Principles from a Short Sale Insider is a humorous, short-sale inspired guidebook on how to be a great real estate agent.

Leveraging the many hard-earned lessons from her experience closing thousands of short sales, real estate broker Melissa Zavala reveals the ten success principles that put her—and could put you—on top.

The values section is peppered with solid business principles to inspire and engage you in a fresh, modern approach to your career. Practical how-to tips to generate more leads and close more deals are woven into entertaining, real-life anecdotes throughout.

You’ll meet Aunt Mabel, learn about the Fosbury flop, and take a roller coaster ride through the wacky world of short sales. Almost too crazy to be true stories about near miss foreclosures, Lady Gaga, and what a chocolate bacon cupcake has to do with your real estate career abound. Online access to exclusive companion resources is included.

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