5 Tools that Will Improve the Quality of Your Real Estate Life

At Transaction 911, we know efficiency. A real estate agent’s life is so hectic—between running to inspections and showings to managing personal marketing and advertising—it’s always great to have a few tools to make your life easier. As such, here are our top 5 tools that will improve the quality of your real estate life.

Top 5 Tools to Improve the Quality of Your Real Estate Life

  1. Multitool.  Laugh? You might. But you MUST have this tool in the trunk of your car for “real estate emergencies.” Perfect for cutting zipties, tightening the hardware on a signpost among other things, there is never a month where a busy agent does not have a need for the multitool. In fact, one agent we know was at a showing and the buyers’ baby got locked in the buyers’ car. The multitool is what got that baby out quickly!
  2. Adobe Scan. In previous years, we’ve been thrilled with the Fujitsu Scansnap, which is by far the most amazing desktop scanner on earth. But, when you are in your car and need to scan in a pinch, or new crush is Adobe Sca, a free app for iPhone and Android.
  3. Lumen 5. Tiktok and Instagram Reels videos are fun, but if you want to mix a little bit of flair with a quick, professional, fully-edited video, then Lumen 5 may be the way to go. It’s totally free and there are tons of creative commons photos to use when you edit.
  4. All Things Google. It goes without saying that Google has so many amazing tools that increase agent efficiency. From Gmail, to the Google Calendar to Photos, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, there is tons of great stuff. But, our favorite part is that you can use your own domain on Gmail, which many consumers see as more professional than a traditional Gmail account.
  5. Glide. If you are a California agent, your association probably provides Glide as a member benefit. If that is the case, make sure that you take advantage of this. Glide improves the quality of and increases the efficiency of the completion of disclosures, amount other paperwork. And, in this way, not only do you save time but you also avoid face-to-face contact—something that might be important in 2021.

Tool #6: That’s a transaction coordinator! Using a transaction coordinator to process your real estate transactions and make sure they are fully compliant saves time and headaches. If you need a TC, feel free to call the team at Transaction 911