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Real Estate Downtime? – Here’s what to do

The San Diego Daily Transcript asked the CEO of Transaction 911 to share her thoughts on the following questions regarding conducting business during the holidays: What do you think about conducting real estate during the holiday season? Is it busy for you? Are you able to put together sales? Check out Melissa’s comments and please […]

Seller Disclosures – What Agents Need to Know

Seller Disclosures and Other Forms If you’ve been around the block a few times in California or even if you haven’t, you may have already noticed that California Association of Realtors® updates their forms and contracts twice a year: in April and November. Here are some important forms that you may need to use in […]

How to Actually Complete Your Next Request for Repairs

As Transaction Coordinators throughout California, we have the experience of seeing all of the California Association of Realtors® forms completed by agents for countless transaction files. One form that is often seen by the transaction coordinators at Transaction 911 is a Request for Repairs. The Request for Repairs is a tough form to complete—not because […]