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How to Increase Your Sales Production in 2017

As a Southern Californian, I’m blessed with pretty good weather all year around. It’s generally sunny, never too cold, and most days are great days for showing property. However, I often wonder whether agents in areas with less temperate climates experience slower periods in their real estate careers when the weather is less pleasurable. Thanks […]

What Every Agent Should Know About Dual Agency

The state of California wants you to be aware of how agency works before you begin working with an agent. According to a the San Diego Transaction Coordinators at Transaction 911, “There is a two-page disclosure form by the California Association of Realtors® that helps agents fulfill this disclosure requirement before going to work for […]

Tell Your Real Estate Clients – Wait Before You Wire

You probably already know that fraud and hacking of all sorts is prevalent right now. And, the world of real estate is no exception. There’s an unfortunate trend among home buyers and home sellers right now. It’s one where hackers sit back and wait until wiring instructions are sent via email. Those hackers pounce, change […]